Welcome to Treats on a Bike
Treats on a bike was just an idea I had one day and  to try and create something a little bit different. It all started when in 2014 I came across an ad for a very old Pashley ( Open all hours ) Delivery bike for sale on a website. An elderly gentleman had used it for several years to go to and from his allotment. So on rescuing this old Bike I decided to renovate it to a high standard and on finishing it was unrecognisable.

It was then loaned to a couple for they're wedding day to use to put all of the cards and presents in. I then did the same again for another couple but filled it full of Sweet Lollypops.

It went down a real storm so I then thought how could I create something a bit different and produced a Traditional Sweet Trailer to attach to the bike and then thought how about Ice Cream? I then made the second trailer for the Ice Cream freezer.

I decided to use only Kent's best and chose Solley's award winning Ice Cream from Deal.

Treats on a bike was born and since then we have covered many wedding's, event's, farmers market's, charity fund raisers and school


We have other bikes in production and they are all vintage originals that are lovingly restored to their former glory.

Please keep looking and if you feel that we have something to offer you for your own party or function then please get in touch. 

Thank you for visiting us.

Kevin Edwards